Digifi helps you control your spending so you can meet your monthly budget and save money.


Take control of your budget by setting a spending goal. Then give your partner clear visibility to its daily performance. Repeat. A single view across all spending goals saves you time and gives your partner freedom to spend within clear boundaries.


Track your progress in a way your spending partner will understand. Color coded numbers tell when it’s time to spend or save. A seven-day tracking forecast gives direction when and how much to spend. You will reduce misunderstanding and improve execution.


Update and plan ahead of time. Comment features let your spending partner post notes to the short-term forecast, giving you visibility to unplanned or unknown spending events. Share control with your partner and avoid missed entries through timely updates and visibility.

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Spending within clear boundaries gives you freedom and will, surprisingly, save you money. In fact, managing your spending per a points- or cash-based system will save you around 20% a month. Buy what you want at the right time to show the value in your shopping.


Life is fluid. Your plan for reaching your spending goal should be too. Collaborate using text features and frequent conversations to manage unforeseen changes in spending. Avoid money fights; adjust as a team through nimble, ongoing communications.


The most successful people in the world set goals and review them daily. Regularly viewing progress against plan and reviewing as a team guarantee your achievement. Not only will your finances improve, but so will the relationship you have with your partner over money.


Digifi is an online software application that helps you know how much you have to spend on any given day. This keeps your household spending on track and can save you up to 20% of your monthly spending.

  • My wife and I have always had a budget, but no matter how many times we looked at it, we could never meet our spending goal. With Digifi, we have hit our goal every month since we started. As first customer, I want to be the first to say that Digifi works!

  • Digifi gives me the freedom to spend within budget and feel like a winner. I can get the deal and provide for my family while moving us to goal!

Pricing Plans

Amazing results. Simple pricing.

Most Flexible

3 Month Subscription

3 Month Subscription

$12 a month

  • Mobile & Desktop
  • One or Two Users
  • Technical Support
  • Pay-As-You-Go

Pricing FAQ

How long is a subscription?

We offer two subscription types. Our 12 Month subscription is an annual membership that gives you immediate access and savings. Our 3 Month subscription is a quarterly membership that gives you the opportunity to try out the Digifi application without a long-term commitment.

When am I charged?

You are charged for the full term of your subscription account when you sign-up. As you get close to your expiration date, we will prompt you to renew; you will only be charged if you approve the renewal. You are under no obligation to renew and are free to opt-out from renewing, effectively canceling your paid account status with Digifi.

Is the purchase price refundable?

No, we do not offer refunds on account purchases. Our account plans are set up to give you free access to educational content and a flexible, short-term subscription so you can get started without committing to a long term contract.

Is there a discount for a single user account?

No, we do not offer a discount for single users. Our mission is to improve the collaboration between budget manager and budget user roles within a household or organization. Single users, however, do use our application effectively, acting as both the budget manager and user for their own spending. The benefit in this model will be ease of execution and, in general, a better return than a team of two or more people.

Can I set up an account for my business or organization?

We do have a model that works for larger groups where there are few budget managers and many budget users. Send us a request through our contact form and we will be happy to talk with you.

Is there a place to download help?

Yes, a subscription gives you access to our knowledge base and detailed FAQs. Log-in to the application and navigate to your settings to find what you are looking for.

What is the best way to contact support?

Please submit a support request through our contact form. We will respond within one business day.